Recruit Class 

The Recruit Class focuses on improving the fundamental athletic skills and self confidence of young athletes, ages 7 to 11. These are the most pivotal years in the growth and development of the young athlete's motor skill development.

The Recruits will participate in classes that utilize the most updated research in a friendly environment to not only build your athlete's physical foundation but, will also improve their running technique, flexibility, endurance, weight management and self confidence. 

Trooper Class

The Trooper class develops and enhances the total athletic performance of athletes ages 12 to 18. Athletes at this age are at the optimal age to develop speed, strength and power.

This program was developed to produce maximal improvement in speed, power, agility, strength, endurance, injury prevention and overall athletic performance. 

Elite Class

The Elite Class is designed for high performance high school, college, amateur and professional athletes. Athletes in this program must prove that they not only possess the physical attributes such as speed and strength, but they also exemplify the W.A.R. Core Values. 

The Elite Class focuses intensely on strength and speed training techniques centered around an athlete‚Äôs individual needs. The training is guaranteed to aid the athlete in breaking through previous plateaus and barriers.